Keynote Speaker, Dr. David Githuku

Dr. David Githuku is the Director of Research & Development at the Family Care Business Unit at Procter and Gamble, a disruptive innovation & transformation Platform Technology Leader. Since his early career, Dr. Githuku has been an inspirational leader with passion to grow young African talents with relentless dedication in creating a culture where everyone is valued, performs at their best, and achieves their career and personal goals.

Dr. Githuku has been a mentor, sponsor and advocate for African talents in P&G who have advanced and currently hold key positions within R&D in P&G.   His passion goes beyond Cincinnati, he sponsored PhD interns in Nigeria, Kenya and beyond to build capacity for future African leaders. He is one of the top advocates for Grow Africa program at P&G to increase P&G investments both in business and human capacity building. In addition to his contribution to the African community in the US, Dr. Githuku in partnership with his wife Maggie are heavily involved in helping needy Kenyan students to get a high school education.   Dr. Githuku was born in Kenya, is married to Maggie Githuku and has two children.  He earned his Bs and Ms in Chemical Engineering from McGill University, Canada and PhD, Texas A&M, Texas, USA.

Michael Oludare, Yoruba traditional wood carver, dancer, visual artist, and painter

"Voice of the Village" - Michael Oludare is a Yoruba traditional wood carver, dancer, visual artist, and painter. He  was born in Western Nigeria. He came to live in the United States in 2009. He works as a resident Wood Carver and Artist at The Essex Studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

He derived the name "Voice of the Village" from his role in the Yoruba community as one who truly speaks and communicates through the "talking drum".

He has played all over the U.S. for various universities including: The Junior Black Academy, University of Dallas and the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, as well as, for cultural centers, Sandusky NAAP and the Allen Memorial Art Museum.

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Elsie Ndikintum, Nels Decor

Elsie Ndikintum has always had a passion for decorations and event planning with the desire to grow her business, Nels Decor. Nels decoration is a full service planning and design atelier for custom event decor, floral styling, event rentals, event planning and coordination. Elsie plans, coordinates and decorates for diverse occasions as weddings, corporate events, and does party rentals.  She organizes a yearly exhibition to showcase her extensive and creative work with Nels Decor, a business she runs with her husband and children. Click here to learn more about Nels Decor.

In addition to her dedication to her small business, Elsie is a nurse by profession and is currently pursuing a second Master's degree in Psychiatric Nursing. She holds a Master's degree in Gerontology. Elsie hails from Cameroon, West Africa and recently relocated from Minnesota. She is married with two teenage boys who are in high school.

Lydia Quaye, Priceless Culture

Lydia was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa and currently lives in Monroe, Ohio. Growing up, she helped her grandmother manage a small grocery shop. The best part about working with her was the great personal relationship she had with her customers. Thus, Lydia was able to start the perfect conversation with her customers simply by the patterns or colors in the fabric they were wearing which provided her with countless loyal customers.

Working in the corporate world, she received tons of compliments about every African-print dress she wore to work. Most people asked how they could get one. This demand together with her love and passion for African prints gave her the inspiration to design and handcraft simplistic clothing and accessories such as bangles/bracelets & earrings (and still adding to the list!) for everyone who wants to step out in confidence!



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